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Orphan to the game is the common line she uses to describe her life. Martial arts was her youth growing up at her father’s dojo. Tragedy hit her young when her father passed away at only 10 years old. Broken and abandoned her mother couldn’t handle with no family to take her in. Tokiko found her way back to her roots. Growing up in upcountry Maui, she moved to Oahu at 19 pursuing bigger jobs than Maui could offer. Thinking she was ready for the world but still hurting from a childhood that couldn’t be masked. She realized the pain can only be hidden for so long until you decide to do the healing work. Over the last few years, Tokiko has shifted her perspective as well as lifestyle changes in health & wellness. Suffering from severe case of scoliosis forced a surgery seemed like the only solution. She lives with 2 titanium rods along her spine attached by bolts & hooks. Tokiko continues to advocate for health & wellness, access to holistic care, caregiving for kūpuna as well as having a passion for sustainable farming to support Hawai’i’s food security.

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