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JT is a phenomenal photographer. His work is always flawless, even before editing final shots. He has an eye for lighting and texture, which seems to come second nature to him. With regard to his approach to models, he is incredibly professional, warm, and gives the perfect amount of direction and creative freedom. I highly recommend JT to work with both seasoned and aspiring models alike.   MARISSA B.


JT is an amazing and dynamic photographer, his passion and commitment to his craft are evident in the very fine details and superior attention paid to each shot!  MICHAEL R.


I hired JT to do my maternity photoshoot while I was pregnant after he did such a great job with my modeling headshots a few years back. I am always impressed with how professional and efficient JT is. He helped direct me so we got perfect sunset shots, silhouette shots, and belly photos. I was happy with how fast we were able to get it all done because I have worked with other photographers who spend half the time adjusting lighting or getting equipment ready. JT knows his stuff and values his customer's time! Also, I liked that he would give me direction during the shoot. Other photographers won't tell you when something looks strange and then you'll see it in the photos later when it can't be fixed. JT pays attention to detail. For example, he told me when the wind messed up my hair. I really appreciated that! I would recommend this photographer to anyone who would like professional photos! He had creative vision. He edits and sends the finished products quickly! Thank you so much JT! Can't wait to shoot again! Five stars!  YUMI N.


I was looking for a photographer in Hawai'i to showcase my clothing line. My friend had mentioned to me to check out @nssp on instagram. Since I have not lived in Hawai'i for some time I was out of the loop of knowing any local photographers. She however, still lived there and raved about his work. I was immediately in love with his work once thumbing threw his instagram account. I contacted him right away and got a quick response back. Even tho I live in Las Vegas I was able to trust 100% that he would deliver what I was looking for. He was professional and honest. I was able to send money via paypal and we set up a time frame for the images to be completed by. He knocked it out of the park with high quality photos and the perfect models that would best represent my clothing line. It was so comforting to know I now have a local Hawai'i photographer who can do location shoots and no additional cost of me traveling to Hawai'i and directing shoots to make sure they were done how I would like. I normally like to be on set to make sure the vibe, energy, look is exactly what I am looking for. JT Gray tho, took everything we discussed into consideration and had no problem delivering exactly that. He is extremely fairly priced especially considering his skill level and access to the most beautiful locations and people in the world. Look forward to MANY more projects with him!  Bri (Legendary Empowerment)


I have a lot of experience modeling and I am signed with Wilhelmina. I can confidently say I have never had better results then with JT, from our short time of shooting we had hardly any shots that were not useable. We had a miscommunication about the location and so I was a little stressed showing up but he was so nice and professional that immediately we got to work and had fun. He understands lighting extensively and the photos hardly needed any retouching is any, he really know what he is doing. It was never uncomfortable and even though we only had a short period of time before the sun left us our photos could not have been better. I can't wait to work with him again.  Mary L.


Thank you J.T. for your wonderful work and photography skills! The photos you took of us on the beautiful beach at sunset has been used for our New Years card. Everyone loves the photos of our family and how you were able to capture the many expressions of our 9 month old baby! Thank you again for everything! We hope to call you again in the future!  Bev L.

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