June 20, 2017 - This past weekend we were booked for an artistic post wedding shoot on the beautiful island of Kaua'i.  My assistant, good friend, and I packed our gear and flew over early on Sunday morning.  When we arrived we had a few goals in mind, scout for two or three different locations and just enjoy ourselves.  Kaua'i is such a special place and is nothing like Oahu.  If you enjoy peace and quiet this is the island, or is it?  I hadn't been to Kaua'i for about five years, before that I would go several times a year.  This trip was slightly different, we were taken back by how much traffic and how busy it was.  It's still the same old paradise but just seemed a little more busy than normal but then again so does O'ahu. So we found two potential locations on the first day then relaxed and said we would head out early on Monday morning to figure out our final spot for the evenings shoot.  If you are ever on Kaua'i and are looking for a breakfast spot, head over to Keoki's.  Really good local style food. We headed to Poipu and decided to finish the shoot there, then drove up to Waimea Canyon to take in some of the islands beauty.  We confirmed to meet with the couple at 4:30pm at our first location.We arrive about 3:30pm to visualize some of the photos we wanted to take and experiment with another shot before the couple arrived.  The tide appeared to be going out so we scrapped the motion blur shot and said we would try it at Poipu.  The sun was blaring, while not straight over head the angle was not great for photos so we decided to use High Speed Sync with our Profoto B1 and Elinchrom Softbox.  The couple arrived, we met them and began to shoot.  With the sun still blaring I set my shutter speed at 1/1250th at f4 on ISO 64.  With these settings i was barely able to keep the ambient light where I wanted it and still power the couple with the Profoto B1.  After about 10-12 photos the clouds blocked the sun and it was absolutely perfect at that point. I was able to drop my shutter to 1/500th and it looked perfect.  After a few minutes we moved the bride towards the ocean on a larger rock and my assistant was even closer to the ocean.  This is where most people mess up, never underestimate the ocean or take your eye off of it.  My assistants back was to the ocean but I never took my eyes off of the ocean.  If I did, we could lose thousands of dollars of equipment or even worse someone could get hurt.  We took a few photos and I noticed a larger swell rolling in off the point but it didn't look like there was a wave coming in where we were.  I mentioned to Elliott and with his knowledge he knew to move to higher ground asap, the rocks get really slippery when they are wet.  After that we decided to go ahead and head over to Poipu to wrap up the shoot as we had our flight back to O'ahu at 8:40pm.So we met back up with the bride and groom at Poipu beach park and it was absolutely perfect, the wind had died down and there were plenty of clouds around to provide some drama to the photos.  Elliott started to set up the motion blur shot and I walked out on the rocks with the couple and began to shoot.  Elliott was all set up so he asked me if I would walk out to the rock where he wanted the couple so that he could lock down the lighting.  He was using an ND filter to slow the water and we were going to light the couple with the Profoto B1 however with the amount of ND he was using the PROFOTO wasn't strong enough for that certain situation.  The south swell was definitely alive and he was happy to put me out there to get me wet.  All good, so again we quickly scrapped that shot so that we wouldn't waste the couples time and moved on to some water shots followed by silhouettes and wrapping up with the sunset.  All in all the shoot was great and we ended at 7:15pm and we still had to make it to the airport for our flight.  At the end of the day we made it back to the airport with a few minutes to spare.  The couple was extremely happy and we had a great trip.  Good times with great friends not much better than that.  

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